Friday, February 16, 2018

Aesthetic handcrafted items for common uses @ and

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Handcrafted aesthetics for pigment solutions is my main area of interest.

LOTIONS for pigment and antiaging:

The crafted gel lotions are from botanical and organic ingredients sold by Lotioncraft Seattle,WA.
The products are mild with no known side effects.

The superficial antiaging acid peels are pure lactic acid and salicylic acid with other botanicals in very small amounts

The handmade soaps are made without SLS, using olive,almond ,coconut,palm,borage and other oils.
They also contain aloe vera,fruit extract,honey

This seasons new additions include:

Under Eye gel for hydration and lessening dark circles .Use small amounts every night
Ingredients: botanicals aloe vera, carrot extract ,willow bark and soft oils in base

before and after under eye care and microneedling

on day 10: you will need regular use to maintain a fresh look

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This season's new addition: anti aging kit which includes the mild peel and colhibin day lotion
COLHIBIN PF is a paraben-free biological, rice-derived inhibitor of collagenase. Collagenases, also known as Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP), are important factors for early skin aging. The ingredient is from Switzerland. 

ingredients: organic carbomer 940,pH balancer, colhibin,fruit extract,aloe vera

Face wash: perfect 5th  using mild oils,moisturisers and microcrystals for exfoliating wash

pigment lite ultra comes in gel or lotion types (white/pink) -pics.

 the antiaging kit: antiaging peel LA-SA colhibin, perfect 5th cleanser and  pigment lite ultra

Pre shampoo 30 mts and shampoo bar. made of soft oils and  botanical moisturisers

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sunday sharing @ words of Hope and Life

This Sunday sharing some thots about the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ.What a friend we have in Jesus , in a world full of hatred,strife and confusion! Jesus is the Way,the Truth and the Life. Amen.
The Bible first begins with an answer to the most basic question of metaphysics- why should anything exist at all and why do we exist? Read Genesis 1: 1 and meditate on the depth of this verse ," In the beginning,God created the heavens and the earth". This answers the question of the ULTIMATE-what is? It tells about GOD who is infinite and created all else by an ACT of His WILL. In Revelation 4: 11 it says " You are your WILL". We all want to understand the true question of reality as it is ,and here is what God has to say in the first verse of Genesis.
Have a blessed week and don't forget that Jesus loves you! amen.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Free Access Blogging 2018 over the years

Thanks to all of you for your valuable mails and comments

I started this as a mission project in  September 2012 after a pilgrimage to my mentor JB Mulliken's office @ Children's Hospital, Plastic Longwood Avenue,Massachusetts during my years in the medical mission fields of Yemen Arabia; there are now over 1.2 million views and scores of comments

 Childrens @ Mulliken  M A

Free access blogging is not meant to be comprehensive ,but rather gives the reader some useful tips on some day to day encounters in the cleft and aesthetic world. This is a fast changing specialty and there will be newer and improved concepts over the years. But the basic progression will remain,since that is the foundation on which we build our repertoire in this sub specialty of plastic ad aesthetic medicine surgery.

Wishing all of you a blessed 2018 ,full of blessings and pleasant surprises from God,our Creator and King.

bona lotha