Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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I like facial aesthetic generally..here are some designs

"Only one life that will soon be past,
Only what's done for Christ will last"

If you like to sing along, here is a song of testimony about my belief in Christ( I have changed some of  the words).
First of all, I am a Christian doctor involved in medical missions since 1992

Need to stop and pray
 ( words: bona 2018, tune : the cowboy rides away)

 G C D G // G C D G

I knew the stakes were high, right from
 the start,
When they dealt the cards, I dealt my
    G                              C
I found out it’s a game that I can't play,
 D                               G
This was where I had to stop and pray


And my heart is sinking, like the setting 
 D                                  G     
Setting all the things I wish I'd done
      G                           C
It's time to say goodbye to yesterday,
  D                                  G
This is where it’s time, to stop and pray

 C D G

[Verse 2]

 G                    C
 In and out of hope and in between,      
 D                                    G
Now we've played the final showdown scene.
As the credits roll, a sad song starts to 
D                                  G
This is where we need to stop and pray

[Chorus 2]

And our hearts are sinking, like the 
setting sun,
                        D                                                                         G
Setting all the things we wish we’d done.
      G                         C
It’s time to say goodbye to yesterday
D                                G
This is where we need ,.. to stop and pray


My previous site smilemakernyc.com has been changed to this site now.
c/o Namgyal Dorjee,Elmhurst,Queens

I am a  Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine Consultant(Miami Fla, under Beverly Hills CA leaders of AAAM) , Aesthetic Plastic Consultant, General Surgeon. You can know more about my products at linkedin.. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aesthetic-plus-8598a4106/   where I do weekly updates ,or in the blogs below.

Rules of engagement in aesthetic care

A. Don't overdo it
B. Lots of sun protection
C. Avoid mass produced chemical aesthetics
D. Focus on plant ingredients
E. Don't expect over nite express..It never works that way
F. Hi tech gadgets are useful but not an end in themselves

All of us are aging ..let your telomeres age slow and easy. Don't be naive and believe all those super cures and overnight Monroe promises.

You feel good when you look good.

Bon chance

As some of you know ,I'm also a guitar player and I like jazz improvisation....you can play the honky tonk like anything..savin' it up ... well,i was featured thrice in Guitar College CA in 2013 (GIT/MI teachers) . Playing is really a way of unwinding after stressful work schedules.

My work is mostly in facial aesthetic recon,other aesthetic recon procedures,aesthetic  medicine,clefts and aesthetic product creations.
I handcraft my own skincare and soaps because of my aesthetic medicine background and interest in cosmetic chemistry formulations,where I try to avoid chemicals and formulate mainly with natural, botanical products.
My products are sold in the USA through Smilemakernyc LLC ,Queens New York City and also across India ,Nagaland and New Delhi,Uttarakhand, mostly through private contacts and not on a commercial scale.

About my smile chronicles: they are mostly pics as they appeared  during camps, most are adhesions and functional,not meant to be aesthetic. The aesthetics is done later when the wounds heal.
Please visit: https://yemensmilechronicles.blogspot.com

Please visit the speaking palate blogs  here to know more about the aesthetic recon journeys.
There are over 1.2 million views since 2012 September across the USA and elsewhere.

Wish you all God's blessings and peace.