Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Product Focus this season: Pigment Lite Ultra

Handcrafted aesthetic: This season Pigment Lite Ultra is a strong lightener which contains fission white in hydrolysed oats( alpha arbutin 0.5%) , kojic acid(0.5 -1%), and licorice(0.5-1%) in moisturiser base with allantoin(0.5%),almond,borage,olive, fruit extract and willow bark extract.(0.5%) There are no side effects like irritation,redness,xerosis, and scaling which one finds with traxenamic acid and hydroquinone (irritation and ochronosis in darker skin).  I keep the the kojic acid percetage  below 2% because kojic can cause irritation at concentrations above 2%. The willow back and fruit extract are anti inflammatory and allantoin keeps the skin well hydrated ;the oils soften the skin. There are no surfactants or other chemicals which irritate the skin. However as melanin production lessens,your skin becomes sensitive to UV rays, and so use SPF 30 regularly. Uses: age and sun spots,post inflammatory acne scars,pigment,melesma

I always remind my patients esp with melesma,it takes time to lessen melesma pigment  (several months to over a year and recurrences are common) smilemakernyc.com

Monday, April 23, 2018

drbonaplasticsurgery google classroom: Platelet Rich Plasma Matrix preps and uses

Google Class room

Platelet rich plasma matrix and  uses

Regn: $ 30

mail for pdf lesson: docbonalotha@gmail.com

drbonaplasticsurgery google classroom: Facial Contouring without Surgery

Google Classroom

Topic: Facial Conyouring without surgery


registration: $ 30

Fillers and Botox uses

Saturday, April 21, 2018

drbonaplasticsurgery courses on google classroom : All about aesthetic botox

Welcome to google classroom

All about Aesthetic uses of Botox

Part 1 Common Uses of Botox

Part 2: Finer uses

Part 3: Advanced Uses

Venue: Google Classroom

Registration cost $30 only for full master class : contact docbonalotha@gmail.com

Details in mail

drbonaplasticsurgery courses available on google classroom by subscription

Welcome to this site!


Aesthetic Medicine Plastic Course
Bona Lotha MS(AIIMS N Del), Plastic & CF Taipei/Singapore, Board AAAM(USA)
Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine AAAM Miami. Fla
 Founder and Plastic Surgeon for Yemen Smile Intl Plastic and Smile Train New York City programmes

1.       Skin conditioning and skin types
2.       Peels
3.       Sun Protection
4.       Botox and Fillers
5.       Facial contouring with botox and fillers
6.       Aesthetic Medspa concept and the spa business
7.       Age Management concepts
8.       Hormones and problems of deficiency
9.       The human growth hormone
10.   Dermnaseum and diet for a healthy you
11.   Dark circles under eye and treatment options
12.   Oxidative stress and role of antioxidants
13.   Melesma and skin pigment problems
14.   Taking care of scars
15.   The problem of cellulite
16.   Acne and rosacea
17.   Basic concepts in formulations of gels and lotions and SLS free botanical soaps
18.   Crafting chemical free, soft oil treatments and shampoo bar for healthy hair
19.   Lasers,RF, IPL  in aesthetics
20.   Dermarolling using microneedling and derma pen, microcrystal abrasion
21.   Facial aesthetic lines and the concept of beauty
22.   Platelet rich plasma matrix as a collagen cultivator and filler with fat
23.   Laser resurfacing and skin grafting / micropigmentation for vitiligo

24.   Contouring facial defects with fillers and fat prpm
25.   Treating the sunken eye with fillers
26.   Understanding the landmarks of the lip before fillers and corrective surgery
27.   Hand,neck and back rejuvenation with microcrystal abrasion, peels and moisturisers
28.   Lipocontouring minimally invasive and non invasive
29.   Approach to the hypertrophic masseter muscle and big calve muscles
30.   Diagnosing hyperhidrosis of armpit sweat glands and botox vs surgery treatments
31.   Fine tuning the lip and cheek and jaw line with fillers and botox
32.   Breast and abdomen VASER lipocontouring and lipofilling
33.   The blotched job syndrome- body dysmorphia, untrained personnel and overkill aesthetics
34.   Aesthetic Vocational Trainings for mission outreach and support of rural communites
35.   Hand rejuvenation with filler, PRPM fat

2. Aesthetic Plastic procedures:*Only for surgeons
36.   The *Z plasty- basic concept in plastic surgery and correction of small scars
37.   Old *surgical scar revision using subcutaneous figure of 8 closure
38.   *Blepharoplasty: understanding eyelid asymmetry and browlift techniques
39.   *MOOBs the male breast reduction surgery and lipocontouring
40.   *The prominent ear pushback techniques
41.   *Face rejuvenation- RARE with mini incisions and laser peel
42.   *Asian double eyelid surgery-techniques and challenge of crepe and asymmetry prevention
43.   *Plication of the septum in lower eyelid rejuvenation
44.   *Challenge of ptosis and the ptosis sling using the frontalis sling
45.    *Depressor supercilii resection and brow lift in brow ptosis at blepharoplasty

   The future of aesthetic med plastic is mostly non invasive”

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Welcome to the Alabaster Aesthetic Project @ drbonaplasticsurgery.com and smilemakernyc.com

Welcome to the Alabaster Aesthetic Project @ drbonaplasticsurgery.com and smilemakernyc.com

Alabaster Project is a vocational training programme for rural community workers in India supported by us.

Please see the other blog posts for this project. The target is 1000 patients.

Our products 

1. aesthetic skin care and antiageing products of smilemakernyc

2. handcrafted soaps and aesthetic skin care lotions and gels of drbonaplasticsurgery.com.

For prices , you can mail us  at docbonalotha@gmail.com and smilemakernyc@gmail.com

Pics of smilemakernyc products

Available in New York City, and parts of India

Handcrafted products for the time being only in India at drbonaplasticsurgery.com

all exotic ingredients are from lotioncraft Seattle 

Indian brand selection under drbonaplasticsurgery

Upto 75 designs have been created  in India by the flounder and designer

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

drbonaplasticsurgery.com and smilemakernyc.com - Alabaster Aesthetic Project

Thank you all for visiting my blogsite via drbonaplasticsurgery.com  and smilemakernyc.com

I have linked both these sites to my main blog page, so that all of you can go through the topics and aesthetic product info.  I am not designing a separate website for our SMILEMAKERNYC LLC  which Namgyal Dorjee looks after in Queens New York City.

We accept orders for smilemakernyc llc and drbonaplasticsurgery.com products either in 

1. cash
2. payment by paypal to smilemakernyc@gmail.com   We accept paypal payments

 I am a Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine Consultant(Miami under Bev Hills specialists CA) ,Surgeon(AIIMS N Delhi), Fingerstyle Guitarist(CA) and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Consultant(Singapore/Taipei,NY Smile Train/Sana Yemen)
Most of my work is missions related and involves imparting some skills to medical mission workers, so that they can generate income for their work and community.

One of the projects I designed for  community health workers in remote access areas is called the 

Alabaster Aesthetic Project

Type: Aesthetic Vocational Training

Course: Topics

                              Your skin conditioning programme
                              About  safe skin peeling
                              Photodamage and sun reactive skin types
                                        A simple protocol for skin conditioning 

Trainees: Community med workers in rural areas

Workshop: 2-3 day workshop,Hands on aesthetic skincare procedures for small spa

Purpose: Aesthetics for income generation

This season, we will conduct a workshop in Thatyur Uttarakhand Himalayas,India for a mission community of approximately 20 trainees.

Because of my experience in cosmetic chemistry formulations, I handcraft soaps,shampoo bars,hair growth formulae, mild botanical skincare peels,pigment lighteners,moisturising gels and lotions for various uses . 
I do not train newcomers in this because of the complicated nature of the formulations, and risks involved.
The products for the workshop this summer will cover about 1000 patients . Over 160 have benefited since last year April.