Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Product Focus this season: Pigment Lite Ultra

Handcrafted aesthetic: This season Pigment Lite Ultra is a strong lightener which contains fission white in hydrolysed oats( alpha arbutin 0.5%) , kojic acid(0.5 -1%), and licorice(0.5-1%) in moisturiser base with allantoin(0.5%),almond,borage,olive, fruit extract and willow bark extract.(0.5%) There are no side effects like irritation,redness,xerosis, and scaling which one finds with traxenamic acid and hydroquinone (irritation and ochronosis in darker skin).  I keep the the kojic acid percetage  below 2% because kojic can cause irritation at concentrations above 2%. The willow back and fruit extract are anti inflammatory and allantoin keeps the skin well hydrated ;the oils soften the skin. There are no surfactants or other chemicals which irritate the skin. However as melanin production lessens,your skin becomes sensitive to UV rays, and so use SPF 30 regularly. Uses: age and sun spots,post inflammatory acne scars,pigment,melesma

I always remind my patients esp with melesma,it takes time to lessen melesma pigment  (several months to over a year and recurrences are common) smilemakernyc.com

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