Monday, May 14, 2018

Beyond Smiles @

Beyond Smiles is a result of years of hard work and networking with mission hospital units and surgeons involved in taking plastic surgery and cleft care in their units to remote access areas and underprivileged patients.

For the benefit of trainees the programme includes: FREE LESSONS for mission workers

1. Primary Cleft Lip and Palate methods google classroom  sessions and MCQs

2. Facial Plastic Procedures

3. Aesthetic Vocational Training in Aesthetic Medicine for  community health workers, for income generation : free training and product support for community mission workers

How to join the google classroom: mail   . A specific classroom CODE will be sent to you via an invitation.

We thank you all for the friendship across the years and look forward to networking again with all of you.*

Some demos on patients will be held at select mission hospital units in the near future.

* Most of the work is meant for Yemeni medical staff / and a few other  units in regions that serve underprivileged plastic surgery patients.



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