Thursday, May 31, 2018

Quest for an Aesthetic Mission Parish 2018 ..take it to the people

                          “   The future of aesthetic med plastic is mostly non invasive”


Aesthetic Medicine Plastic Course


Bona Lotha MS(AIIMS N Del), Plastic & CF Taipei/Singapore, Board AAAM(USA)
Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine AAAM Miami. Fla
 Founder and Plastic Surgeon for Yemen Smile Intl Plastic and Smile Train New York City programmes
Jesus is TRUE Aesthetic.Amen

Part 1
Aesthetic Vocational Training

1.       Skin conditioning and skin types
2.       Safe superficial Peels
3.       Sun Protection

Pigment correction for melesma,sun and age spots combined with antiaging peels for fine lines ans wrinkles @ SMILEMAKERNYC LLC


New York City - Namgyal Dorjee whatsapp 917-698-0069

India:  Bona Lotha   whatsapp 9867-509-534

Triple KIT: face cleanser + LA_SA mild acid peel + pigment lite ultra 
cost: USA $ 50  India Rs 1600/-

Chi 7 Pigment Lite Hollywood Labs, USA $ 30  India: Rs 2000

 Lumina Trio KIT USA :  pH cleanser + Lumina gel 30% lactic acid+ chi 7 igment lite

cost: US $ 95   India: Rs 5600 (depends on availability)

Cleanser + Lumina 30% peel+ chi 7 pigment lite + gold gel antiaging

source: US FDA labs Hollywood/ Texas

Cost : USA $ 150  India: Rs 8700 ( if available)

Gold 24 K antiaging gel, Hollywood Labs

USA: $ 55  India : Rs 3000

Face cleanser: each USA $ 15  India: Rs 1000

Lumina peel 30% gel FDA labs ,Texas

USA: $ 50  India Rs 2700

Part 2
Facial Contouring

4.       Botox and Fillers
5.       Facial contouring with botox and fillers
6.       Aesthetic Medspa concept and the spa business
Part 3
Aging and hormones

7.       Age Management concepts
8.       Hormones and problems of deficiency
9.       The human growth hormone
10.   Dermnaseum and diet for a healthy you
11.   Oxidative stress and role of antioxidants

Part 4
Pigment ,Acne and Scars

12.   Dark circles under eye and treatment options
13.   Melesma and skin pigment problems
14.   Taking care of scars
15.   The problem of cellulite
16.   Acne and rosacea

Part 5
Skin and Hair care and handmade soap formulations

17.   Basic concepts in formulations of gels and lotions and SLS free botanical soaps
18.   Crafting  SLS chemical free, soft oil treatments and shampoo bar for healthy hair

Part 6

Lasers and Deeper Peels/PRPM/Microneedling

19.   Lasers,RF, IPL  in aesthetics
20.   Dermarolling using microneedling and derma pen, microcrystal abrasion
21.   Platelet rich plasma matrix as a collagen cultivator and filler with fat
22.   Laser resurfacing and skin grafting / micropigmentation for vitiligo

Part 7
Special Aesthetic Treatments

2  1.   Contouring facial defects with fillers and fat prpm
    2.   Treating the sunken eye with fillers
2  3.  Hand,neck and back rejuvenation with microcrystal abrasion, peels and moisturisers
2  4.  Lipocontouring minimally invasive and non invasive
2  5. Approach to the hypertrophic masseter muscle and big calve muscles
    6.   Diagnosing hyperhidrosis of armpit sweat glands and botox vs surgery treatments
    7.   Fine tuning the lip and cheek and jaw line with fillers and botox 
    8. Hand rejuvenation with filler, PRPM fat



2. Aesthetic Plastic procedures:*Only for surgeons
35.   The *Z plasty- basic concept in plastic surgery and correction of small scars
36.   Old *surgical scar revision 
37.   *Blepharoplasty: understanding eyelid asymmetry and browlift techniques
38.   *MOOBs the male breast reduction surgery and lipocontouring/tummy tuck procedure
39.   *The prominent ear pushback techniques
40.   *Face rejuvenation- RARE with mini incisions and laser peel
41.   *Asian double eyelid surgery-techniques and challenge of crepe and asymmetry prevention
42.   *Plication of the septum in lower eyelid rejuvenation
43.   *Challenge of ptosis and the ptosis sling using the frontalis sling
44.    *Depressor supercilii resection and brow lift in brow ptosis at blepharoplasty

   The future of aesthetic med plastic is mostly non invasive”

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