Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Easy to use skin conditioning protocol @ smilemakernyc

Here is a simple, easy to use skin conditioning protocol you can use every week for good results.

Note: In tropical climates,please store in a cool and dark place.The oils tend to be runny in extreme heat. If you keep them in your fridge shelf,the creamy lotion stays firm and cool on touch.

Kit A : available in the US and India   with cleanser, peel,pigment lite and anti aging gel gold 24 
Price: US-$ 150  India: Rs 8700/-

Kit B: available in USA and India .Perfect 5th cleanser (HW labs) .peel and pigment lite (US)
Price: USA $ 95  India: Rs 5600/-

Kit C: Handcrafted triple kit(US/India)- avaiable (for the time being) only in India

perfect 5th ,peel and pigment lite ultra(stronger than US version chi 7)
price: USA $50  India Rs 1600

1.       Step 1 : Cleanse your facial skin with  a soap based /or microcrystal scrub/perfect 5th cleanser for about two minutes and wash with water . Mix cleanser with a bit of water and massage all over face. Wash off after 2 minutes.

2.       Step 2: use either a  or b peel

        a. Lumina Peel: apply 4-5 drops of superficial acid (we use 30% lactic acid with tyrosinase inhibitors Lumina Gel @ smilemakernyc.com) using your fingers, on you entire face but avoid the eyes. Let it remain for 2 minutes and wash off with cold water. You will experience some slight tingling and burning sensation for a few minutes.

3.          b. LA_SA Peel : You can also use our LA-SA mild peel and wash after 3 minutes .This is a mild peel which many clients prefer .

4.       Step 3 :
      In step 3 , we apply a few drops of  pigment lite ultra ( tyrosinase inhibitor lotion) or chi 7.    Leave it on for the day.

5.       Step 4 is optional: massage the face with borage oil   ; both the pigment lite and oil are allowed to remain on the face till the next morning

6.       In the morning, use sunscreen SPF 30, 2-3 times a day ; you can also use  a day care moisturizer (like aloe vera gel or other)
The peeling procedure can be done once or twice  a week, but you can use the pigment lite once/twice a day and sunblock /day care lotion every day

As a result, your skin will look youthful and fresh.

This simple skin care protocol has an advantage because it is easy to follow and the results are very good for your skin.

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